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Professional Development Workshop Series

Are you interested in enhancing your campus by elevating performance, and achieving greater outcomes? The Greatness Gurus Professional Development Workshops are designed specifically for academic institutions and educational organizations!

By utilizing instructional strategies that focus on practical, hands-on learning, our workshops cover a wide range of topics that will advance leadership skills, research funding, student success, performance and productivity, efficiency, and organizational effectiveness.

Our Expert     Coach

Dr. Lesia Crumpton-Young, Ph.D., facilitates each workshop by utilizing pedagogies designed to equip participants with innovative insights and actionable best practices that can be immediately implemented in their roles. The Greatness Gurus’ Development Workshop Series offers unique courses for all members of your team.

Seamlessly elevate your campus community.

Immediate opportunities are available to offer these workshops on your campus during the upcoming Summer months. Contact us as soon as possible to reserve your preferred date!

  • The Principles & Practices of Transformational Leadership

  • Leading in Challenging Times

  • Enhancing Performance & Productivity

  • Impediments Impacting Organizational Success

  • You’ve Got the Power: Unleash the Greatness from Within

  • Together, Organizations Accomplish the Impossible

  • Effective Leaders DO Things Differently

  • Custom Leadership Topics for Your Organization

  • Advancing Your Academic Career

  • Creating Compelling Research Ideas and Roadmaps

  • Creating Research and  Scholarly Blueprints 

  • Writing Winning Proposals

  • Advanced Research Funding Strategies

  • Advancing the Production of Scholarly Publications

  • Enhancing External Reputation and Brand Awareness

  • Successfully Securing External Funding

  • Enhancing the Performance and Productivity of Your Research Team

  • Enhancing Personal Performance and Productivity

  • Effectively Mentoring Graduate Students to Increase Their Productivity and Performance

  • Optimizing Performance, Productivity, and Well-Being

Graduate Students
  • Enhance Performance and Productivity

  • Successfully Navigating Graduate School

  • Enhancing your Research Prowess and Skills

  • Successfully Navigating the Research Experience

  • Maximizing Success: Balancing Professional Demands

  • Creating a Compelling Research Theses or Dissertation

  • Successfully navigating the Theses or Dissertation Process

  • Building Your Professional Profile, Reputation & Brand

  • Using Growth Mindset to Elevate Your Success

  • Key Productivity & Performance Strategies

  • Advance Your Career: Increase Efficiency & Effectiveness

  • Balancing Professional & Personal Demands

  • Effectively Managing Difficult Challenges

  • Conflict Resolution

  • Successfully Managing the Research Enterprise

  • Implementing Research: Processes, Protocol, and Procedures

  • Grant Writing Assistance and Coaching

  • Institutional Growth: Spurring New Initiatives and Garnering New Partnerships


Ready to Get Started?

Contact us today to unlock your team's full potential to advance, elevate, and transform your institution and the lives of the students you serve!

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