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Leadership Development Workshops

Elevate the acumen of your team with a dynamic and immersive experience designed to advance their leadership skills.

The Greatness Gurus offers a variety of workshops designed to enhance leadership acumen and maximize the effectiveness of leaders within your organization. Examples of workshops offered are described below. Contact us today to schedule leadership training for your organization!

The Principles and Practices of Transformational Leadership

This professional development workshop exposes your team to strategies used by leaders to significantly impact their organization.

Enhancing Performance and Productivity

This session focuses on rejuvenating and recharging individuals within your organization.

You've Got the Power: Unleash the Greatness Within Yourself and Unlock the Potential of Others

This workshop focuses on strengthening leadership and management skills of professionals.

Impediments Impacting Organizational Success

This workshop focuses on and identifies common situations, circumstances, and practices that undermine the upward mobility of organizations and their teams.

Leading in Challenging Times

This workshop helps prepare, inspire, and assist leaders to become change agents who effectively navigate tough times.

Together, Organizations Accomplish the Impossible: The Art of Teamwork

This workshop focuses on enhancing the professional teamwork skills of leaders and individuals in your organization.

Effective Leaders DO Things Differently

This workshop identifies habits of effective leaders while discussing and offering strategies to overcome avoidable mistakes.

Customized Leadership Topics for Your Organization

Greatness Gurus can customize workshops to fit your specific training and development needs. Contact us to discuss options for your organization.

"This workshop was an excellent start to a series and I enjoyed learning more about my team."

Leadership Training Participant, Nashville

Drive innovation and inspire change.

Elevate your leadership skills with us today!

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